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Systems and Operations Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words - 1

Systems and Operations Management - Assignment Example The solution provided by the combination of a supply chain management system and enterprise resource planning solution will provide the framework that will support Atokowa in terms of its demand for data, information and knowledge. Corporate ambidexterity will enable Atokowa to respond to the current challenges and the demands of the future while protecting its bottom line. The same is true for transforming Atokowa into a learning organization. The recommended solutions not only will support an ambidextrous organization it will also provide the necessary infrastructure to a learning organization. The initiatives proposed by George Hargreaves and Hayley Atokowa can be considered the first step towards the right direction in expanding the market and widening the demography of Atokowa. The proposed implementation and integration of an enterprise resource planning solution and supply chain management system will support the initiatives. Creating an ambidextrous and learning organization will create the necessary corporate culture of excellence geared towards continuous improvements. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 Background of the Case 4 Business Analysis 4 Issues 5 Pricing Strategy 5 Operating Issues of ASIS 6 Customer Service Operations 6 Custom Print 6 Warehousing 7 Atokowa Supply and Purchasing: 7 Atokowa Brands: 7 Expanding Presence in the Internet 8 Information Technology 8 Conclusion 8 Recommendations 10 Pricing Strategy 10 Operating Issues of ASIS 10 Customer Service Operations 11 Custom Print 11 Warehousing Supply and Purchasing 11 Atokawa Brands 12 Internet Initiatives 12 Atokawa as a Learning and Ambidextrous Organization 13 Change Management 14 Bibliography 15 Background of the Case Atokowa is an Australian company providing office supplies and stationary products catering to business and individual clientele. Founded in 1964 the company now boasts of key presence all over Australia providing one stop shops for stationary and office supplies. When the company was turned over to Jonathan Atokowa, he expanded the business to include several key executives covering specific areas of operation within the company. Jonathan also focused on technology after realizing that this will be the future of the industry. Business Analysis Atokowa business process can best be described as having three revenue streams. The service revenue stream is provided by the Custom Print, the product label stream and the retail outlet revenue stream. Custom Print provide a production chain process that starts with an order from a client, actual production work from Atokowa and then delivery of the manufactured goods. Atokowa labels are conferred to generic products for maximum profit. However, the choice of product is random and there are no real criteria or structure in the choice of product and the quality of product that will be sold under the Atokowa label. A real effort to develop an Atokowa brand and have it Toll Manufactured to ensure quality and consistency should be planned for the future (Henry J. Johansson, 1993). Atokowa retail process includes consignment and actual purchase of items from vendors then selling it at a slightly higher price. Agreements with label owners and manufacturers and distributors do not include actual supply chain plan agreement, purchases and supply are determined by orders from Atokowa for delivery to the warehouse then eventual

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