Thursday, October 17, 2019

Law enforcement, alcohol and drug awareness, personal safety, domestic Essay

Law enforcement, alcohol and drug awareness, personal safety, domestic violence, traffic violations - Essay Example Should you have an encounter with the police it is important that you are polite as possible, be respectful though the situation may be stressful, and answer only when asked to do so. It is best to keep your hands visible at all times so that the policeman has no reason to feel threatened. Remain in your vehicle unless asked to exit. It is likely the encounter will go smoothly and the problem will be resolved without complication if you are complying with the law. Driving while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited in all fifty states, with legal limits defined as .10 in 42 states and .08 in eight states, including Florida. If you are caught driving while intoxicated you will be arrested and if it is your first offense you will likely spend time on probation, with various fines and community service. For second and third offenses your chances of being incarcerated are high, with prison a possibility. Being caught with illegal drugs is another serious offense that you will be arrested and jailed for, and depending on the schedule of narcotic you will be fined and imprisoned. Narcotics can also include those prescribed and it is possible to be arrested for driving while intoxicated even if you are only taking over the counter medication. Any substance that causes an altered consciousness such as sleepiness or drowsiness should not be taken when you are planning to drive. As an international student you will have the same rights as American citizens regarding personal safety and should contact law enforcement if you experience a threatening situation. It is important that you do not react with violence in any situation and that if you are part of a violent or physical confrontation you contact law enforcement and do not attempt to handle the matter yourself. "Washington State University - Office of International Students & Scholars." Washington State University -

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