Friday, October 18, 2019

Visual and Formal Analysis of A Pair of Ear Flares Essay

Visual and Formal Analysis of A Pair of Ear Flares - Essay Example What ideas does it raise? The image also raises the idea of movement which refers to how a viewer’s eye is guided through an artwork based on areas of emphasis (Jewitt and Leeuwen, 40). Contrasting colors or shapes, as well as the use of lines, directs movement in a piece of art. In our work of art (a Pair of Ear flare), our eye navigates through the pattern starting from the frontal which is a level round metal base that has relief figures on the exterior. Our eye then moves to different colors and textures of the Ear flare. What emotions it provokes and the size of space needed for display The image emphasizes on mythologies and ritual performances (Jewitt and Leeuwen, 40). It provokes cruelty in the sense of the use of birds for ritual sacrifices. Messengers were also subjected to hard labor. The Pair of Ear flares does not need to be displayed in a wide open space since it is large to notice from far. It is large in size for an Ear ornament, but it does not necessarily mea n that it requires being displayed in a large space. The lighting required, and position to be viewed from The color at the background is dull, and it thus makes the Ear flare stand out as it has an outer gold color that captures the viewer’s attention (Jewitt and Leeuwen, 50). It does not require bright, high contrast lighting since it already has a combination of bright colors. The pair of Ear flares welcomes you to view it up-close because they are not large enough to enable a viewer to be able to concentrate on details. Where is the artifact meant for display? The artifact was meant to be on display in a museum. The artist has used hammered gold, shell, sodality, and turquoise as the main elements in the design of the Pair of Ear flares. The main reason for using these media is to make the art piece standout especially from the use of gold and turquoise. Advantages Gold brings out a sense of high value because it is a symbol of prestige and wealth. It is also bold hence m aking the Ear flare standout. Hammered gold is strong and does not weather out or break. Turquoise was associated with bringing a good fortune and happiness to the wearer of the ornament. Shells help enhance the beauty of the artifact. Limitations The use of gold makes the Pair of Ear flare expensive to purchase especially for those individuals that are not wealthy. The use of gold makes it a target for theft. Shells make it prone to damage since they are brittle. Turquoise is damaged by household chemicals and also hot water, which makes the task of taking care of the element difficult. Lines Lines have been used to define edges on the pair of Ear flare, where some of those lines are linear while others are curvilinear in character which has resulted in plane spaces and negative spaces. A plane surface in a triangular shape is formed by the connection of the points. Lines have been used to describe dissimilar forms, levels in the spaces and movement region in the general design (Je witt and Leeuwen, 100). There is the use of both thick and thin lines in the image of ear flares. They are largely vertical in nature. There is a combination of both straight and curved lines the image of a pair of era flares. This gives the Image a solid look. The aspect of color The color used is particularly attractive and rich. The colors used on the pair of ear flares are lively; the use a combination of green, white, red, gold and purple colors makes the ear flares look outstanding.  

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