Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Gillingham FCs Essay Example for Free

Gillingham FCs Essay Scott Jones is a 27 year old, mediocre footballer, who plays for First Division club Gillingham. Gillingham are an average side who are likely to be in the First Division for a long while as they dont possess the quality to reach the Premiership, but they are too good to be relegated to Division two. Scott enjoys his job as a footballer due to the fact that he is getting paid a lot of money. He does enjoy his football, but the main reason he is a footballer is because he wants lots of money. Scott got recognised as a good footballing talent when he caught the eye of one of Gillingham FCs local scouts. Scott was playing for his Sunday league team at the age of 18, and gave an excellent performance. He had no knowledge of the scouts presence, until the manager said that the scout thought he had serious potential and wanted to sign him for Gillingham. Scott did sign, and within a few months of him joining Gillingham FC, Scott made the first team, and became a regular from there on. Scott has been at Gillingham for 9 years now and has become one of their best players. Scott enjoys playing for Gillingham FC but little does he know that his career is about to take a huge turn. Scott sat anxiously outside the managers office. He adjusted his tie, which he wasnt used to wearing, and sat there thinking to himself what this meeting could be about. He was confused as to whether he had done something wrong or whether perhaps the club wanted to extend his contract. He had no idea and was eager to get it out of the way. Scottie, do you want to come in? We need to have a little chat said Phil Taylor, the Manager of Gillingham Football Club. Scott stood up and entered the room nervously. Now Scott, we wanted your opinion on this and wanted to see how you felt before we did anything. Weve had an offer come in from Fulham for you. It is very generous, for both the club, and for you. You will be able to get a very good contract from them, and youll be able to play Premiership football. What do you say? Do you want to stay, or are you happy to leave? said Phil. Scott, who felt relieved that he wasnt in trouble, then replied Sounds good to me. If its good for the club then Ill go. Scott was extremely excited about the prospect of playing in the Premiership, but he would have to wait 2 months until he could sign, as the transfer window was closed. Scott was even happier about the fact that he would be getting paid an awful lot more money, his wages were being doubled. Scott felt on top of the world! As he was still contracted to Gillingham for 2 more months, Scott still had to train with them; however, he didnt have to play for them as Fulham made an agreement with Gillingham as part of the deal. Scott enjoyed training, even more so now that he knew he was moving to Fulham next season. Scott still trained hard, but didnt take it as serious as usual, as all he could think about was all that money he would be getting. Right lads, well do some 5 a side. Do some stretches then get yourselves into teams said the manager. Scott just wanted to play 5 a side and so didnt bother doing any stretches. This was a silly thing to do. Halfway through the game, Scott was running with the ball at his feet, and just as he was going to shoot, his studs got caught in the ground and he twisted his knee. It looked incredibly painful, and Scott was in agony. The Physio came on and took him back to the medical room, to see what he had done. It was very serious and so Scott had to be taken to hospital. About an hour after taking a look at Scott and doing some tests, the doctor came back with his diagnosis. Im afraid, its bad news. Youve torn cruciate knee ligaments in your right knee and you have also broken your ankle. This will take an enormously long time to recover from, and there is a 50% chance you will not be able to continue your career as a footballer, if indeed you do recover Scotts heart sank. His career was over, as was his dream of playing in the Premiership. At the age of 27 Scott would only have about 5 years maximum left to play as a footballer, but now, he would be out for at least 2 years, and if he did recover, he would be past his best. Scott was absolutely devastated. He would have to stay in hospital over night while they did more tests and then in a week, he would have to undergo a major operation. For the next week, Scott just stayed at home, in bed, thinking of what he could have become and how much money he could have got. He felt sorry for himself but he was also beating himself up thinking that maybe this whole thing would never have happened had he done his stretches before playing 5 a side. Scott was distraught and he had never been so down in his life. He was thinking, what can he do now?

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