Friday, October 18, 2019

Company Assessment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Company Assessment - Research Paper Example So the parent company through its various subsidiaries provides various marketing and communication services across the world. Mission- WPP nurtures and manages new talent and applies the same for the client benefits across the world. The company facilitates the accessibility of the clients with the companies with required communication skills & marketing and companies with distinctive and strong cultures. WPP complements the functions of these companies in various ways. WPP saves the companies from administrative related work. There is a central co-ordination in financial matters like budgeting, planning, reporting, treasury, control, tax, acquisitions, mergers and investor relations. This enables WPP companies to pursue professional excellence. Besides WPP encourages the joint functioning of its companies belonging to various disciplines (WPP-a, â€Å"Our mission†). Internal Analysis of strengths and weaknesses WPP is the global leader in â€Å"marketing communications serv ices†. The leading company composition of the group includes media investment, advertising, consumer insight, public relations, branding, promotion etc. ... The big clients look out for parent companies with a group of subsidiaries companies that can provide integrated solutions to fulfil their marketing needs. WPP has a list of subsidiaries with each specialising in a discipline. By virtue of this the companies of varying disciplines work together to satisfy the marketing needs of the clients. This works to the advantage of WPP. Awards & recognitions- WPP is a member of FTSE100, FTSE4Good Index, Forbes Global 2000 and Euro FT300. In the year 2009 the company won â€Å"Building Public Trust Awards† for excellence in the area of corporate reporting. In the same year the website of the company received â€Å"Best of Industry for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development†. In International ARC awards 2009 the company won ‘Gold’ for â€Å"Best Online Annual Report in Class And Honours for Best Annual Report across All countries†. The global newspaper of the group â€Å"The WRE† ranked number one out of 400, for straight two years in â€Å"2008 LACP Inspire Awards†. The corporate responsibility section of the company consists of information on the ratings of WPP bys socially responsible investors (WPP-d, â€Å"WPP at a glance†). The Group comprises 150 companies with each company having a distinctive brand. Each company has a distinct identity, commands loyalty, highly committed and has a specialist expertise. This highlights the individual strength of each of these companies. The companies under the group are associated with 354 Fortune Global 500 companies; 28 companies out of Dow Jones 30; more than half of NASDAQ 100 companies and nearly three-fourth of the Fortune-e 50 companies. The clients get additional advantages from the combined working of the

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