Saturday, November 2, 2019

Arranging a marriage in india Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Arranging a marriage in india - Essay Example In the event, that either of the partners has not identified their partners then the matchmaker plays a central role in the identification. In this case, the matchmaker must be an elderly who is conversant with many families, as well as the surrounding society (Fenton 193). The caste system in India plays a great role. Marriage happens between couples of the same caste. Moreover, the persons intending to get married must be of the same religion. The other factors that determine marriage between couples are horoscope, status, and in some instances physical appearance. The use of horoscope is vital as it is perceived to determine the likely success of the marriage. Those whose statuses are high in terms of finance, social or profession (especially the boys) are highly valued in the marriage process. Unlike many communities (around the world), In India, the dowry payment is usually remitted by the bride to the prospective groom. Before the wedding, an engagement celebration is initiated where the two families perform traditional rituals to make the engagement official. The wedding is usually held at the bride’s home hence it is the bride family that receives the groom (Fenton

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