Friday, November 22, 2019

Homeostasis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Homeostasis - Essay Example The excretion of these hormones from the kidneys stops when intake is enough and diluted urine is excreted. The homeostatic mechanism at times acts as the sole surviving mechanism of the body. The presence of homeostasis in our body gives us the freedom to work in any weather, day or night, hot or cold, dry or stormy. If there was no homeostasis, we could not have been able to regulate our body temperature. That would have resulted in the hibernation of our species during winters like many other living things. The regulation and adoption of our body's internal environment according to the external environment has provided us with the freedom to work in summers when we could preserve water by excreting concentrated urine, work in winters by preserving heat by peripheral vasoconstriction and erection of skin hair which trap a layer of air preserving body heat. When the body is pushed beyond the limits of homeostatic control, cellular death occurs such as frost bite that occurs in extre me cold or stroke that could occur in extreme dehydration when homeostasis fails due to the extremes of temperature. Maintenance of homeostasis is especially important in a developing embryo since the developing organs require a perfect internal environment to grow in. also, the metabolic enzymes require specific conditions to function and produce the energy required by the embryo. Absence or failure of homeostatic mechanism in developing embryo could lead to in-vitro death or abnormal development and the new born may not be liable to life.

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