Thursday, June 13, 2019

The most appropriate strategy for the segmented UK market Essay

The most appropriate strategy for the segmented UK grocery - Essay Example112). This is the initial tip in attaining a feasible market for these products. The company should, first of all, deal with feasible products for introduction into the market. In this sense, it better to deal with t-shirts and simple top clothes. Additionally, it should concern with jeans clothes and jackets. A modern addition to the same pertains to khaki products. This is because they possess perpetuity in fashion world. In this sense, the products face a high certainty of sales. In harm of style and design, it is essential that the company separates its clothes products in terms of functionality and appearance. However, the functionality will rely on appearance and psychology games as pertains to the customers. For example, there could be escape denim for hot weather. On the other hand, heavily designed denim would be for cold weather. In another sense, there could be workman lie clothes or street artic ulated clothes. Additionally, there could be caliber differences in terms of costs. In terms of denim products, fine clothes would illustrate better quality. However, this should occur within a range of fineness that remains fashionable for the young age. This means that the company should not compromise on the quality because the same would necessitate a divergent range of prices. In c drop off relation to the same the company should entail various sizes to clothes. ... However, a market subscribe to should entail average prices for both female and male markets. For instance, there is a recent preference for fitting clothes among the male markets. This means that should all cloths should pass on towards average definition of size. In terms of prices, there are few factors to consider in the same. To begin with, there should be range of prices that customers should be aware. In this sense, the fashion line creates a sense of quality and affordability of the same. Market segments are divisible into two vital aspects. For instance, the marketing team should consider the lower income sections. In addition to the same, the marketing team should consider the higher income sorts. This is achievable in terms of placement and distribution. In higher income neighborhoods, they should set higher prices. That is because such a group considers high quality which is to coincide with prices. Low prices might connote poor quality of clothes. However, there is a highly fashion conscious group among the high income earners. This group would be slightly price sensitive thereby the prices should be reasonable in order that the fashion line does not lose the group. In terms of low income neighborhoods, the stores should have slightly higher prices than the average consumer prices in such areas. This should be higher by only 20 percent. This is because such consumers would perceive such clothes as of better quality than their daily products. In terms of promotion, there woul d be notable aspects to the same. To begin with, the clothes market is a wide one that needs marketing techniques that reach an extensive audience. The immediate audience for such products would pertain to the UK consumers. It is crucial to note that the marketing

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