Tuesday, June 11, 2019

E cmmerce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

E cmmerce - Essay ExampleInfrastructure include providing multiple ship canal and effective communication network sites, and provision of different ways of protecting and verifying the authenticity of sites among other factors. For standard, Individuals provide broadband connectivity for internet connections at affordable prices, to increase the proportion of Internet users hence an e-commerce boom. Institutions and governments to provide digital certificates and secure infrastructure for information exchange, hence user confidence and adoption of electronic commerce.Electronic commerce is not confined to buy and sell via the Internet. It whitethorn have profitability goals and different models for selling and buying. However, if there remains partial payment, availability, and ease of use by the owner of the site and the consumer, this would be a throttle for emergence of a very prosperous e-commerce project.An access to sophisticated system addresses based on the numbering of eac h facility should be available. A proper(postnominal) home address ensures that delivery is made to the specific address. Physical address system exists in many developed countries, but lacks in many Arab countries, for example Saudi Arabia, which still relies on landmarks in order for a driver reach your home.Finally, Saudi Arabia needs these three aspects to promote e-commerce, although it still lacks a physiological address system. Until now, there are a number of attempts by small medium enterprises and entrepreneurs to address this problem.Delivery is a determinant factor in the betterment of e commerce in Saudi Arabia. This is because delivery enhances the flow of goods to various destinations in conjunction with the online business directives. The delivery helps in a dancing the compact pertaining t the business transactions. Delivery of goods forms part of these contractual obligations. According to Buchele (2008,p.71), the delivery factor enables the

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