Saturday, June 15, 2019

Airplane manfacturare problem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Airplane manfacturare problem - Essay ExampleThe president has the moral obligation to do what right for the headache in order to comply with the going concern principles which means to keep the business operating. There are over a 1000 families of workers that depend on the existence of this corporation. As business strategist he finds a governmental entity in need of the goods the company provides. The companys product is superior, but sometimes governmental bureaucracy does not award the contract to the best firm. Based on this reality the president has to do whatever it takes to land that contract. He receives study about an influential decision maker for the government that hit some hard times due to a gambling addiction. He offers this man a million dollar to influence the board in order to the land the contract. The presidents action present a violation of ethics because he is taking advantage of a humans deviant behavior, gambling, in order to capitalize on his weakness to p ersuade the person to perform an love child action that gives his company a competitive advantage. It is sort of like an inside trade on Wall Street, but in this case only thither is marketplace and the objective for all players in the game to benefit.To analyze this circumstance the different views of ethics must be consider. Ethics relativism states ethical actions depend on individual, group, tradition, culture and background. Based on this view unless the governmental structure was known for being corrupt and constantly taking bribes the action is unethical. It seems like one governmental official is being singled out, thus the government is not corrupt in general. As far as the company there is no historical data to go on, but it seems like the president has a vigilante mentally in which he believes he is doing something good do to the great benefits that will conform to out of for all the parties involves. In his relative world his

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