Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The marketing mix promotions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The marketing mix promotions - Essay Example (Lucas) One way to cope with situation is to constantly innovate and innovate fast with balanced business strategy with right mix of buyers both giant retailers to the small corner shops. (Byrnes, Berner and Zellner). Simply, if we take an example of detergents, they were largely promoted and viewed as commodities used for the cleaning purposes however the new paradigm shifts in the industry forced giants like P&G to look for more innovative ways of promoting largely popular brands like Tide. The new demands from the consumers, P&G through innovative promotional activities remodeled the same and Tide was projected something which provides an opportunity to be a good mother or good father or good wife. I believe the idea of enhancing and brushing up the bond between the commodity and its immediate users is not the case as Revlon since long has been promoting that they are selling hope rather than cosmetics therefore the idea that the bond between the end user of the goods and the bran d itself is not new. I therefore, believe that the positioning your brand as a proponent of generating the rarefied position of the brand to the level where it become almost a generic product with emotional attachment of users. Having defined the position that the Through Tide, P&G is rather selling an opportunity to be a good wife, good mother or father, I believe that this further necessitate a different approach towards the promotional activities which P&G use to employ in the past. Since Internet is now taking over the place of traditional advertisement channels therefore a more focused approach is required to direct promotional activities to the internet. As the presupposition that the brands must speak to the consumers eye to eye rather than just focusing on what product can do for you therefore promotional activities for media should be focusing more on building up rapport between the consumers and products

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