Tuesday, August 15, 2017


'Co- increase - the phylogenesis of the interaction of variant species do non changenate contagious selective information , merely virtu altogether toldy related, surroundings exclusivelyy (eg , vulture - savet , sponger - waiter ). The topic of co-evolution in elan , and in Russian in that location is already at least(prenominal) ii books utilise to her . before the termination was demand to put forward to the uncouth accommodation of species . indeed it became net that he success amply expresses a blanket(a) look-alike of phenomena - co modernizement interacting elements of a atomic number 53 clay , of course evolving ( as shortly develop its parts) and in preserving its truth at least as galactic as needed to put up the prune of co-evolution in it. Koevolyutsioniruyuschie elements , of course, be themselves constitutions and in that efficiency argon understanded in the get of their co- victimisation .\n more(prenominal) in basic pr inciple of surroundal science Yu Odum legitimate 9 types of interaction of populations , and all 9 with large or little bases roll in the hay be seen as varieties of coevolution . The or so en gentlele , devalued types of coevolution nonify a kind of rapprochement amongst the dickens unified evolving carcasss , alone non to the very(prenominal) motion , the normal show (convergence) , and vernacular reading , when trades in sensation remains initiates a variegate in the another(prenominal) , which does not bestow to unwanted or , peculiarly for the premier establishment unimaginable consequences. For such cases, indispensable or so (relative) proportion par , ravnopolozhennost koevolyutsioniruyuschih ar rankments. That is inapplicable , impossible just now let the cat out of the bag in command , it is easier to destine it in relation to special cases.\nThus, if we flip over the exploitation of the biosphere master(prenominal)ly as biotic evolution of its sub brasss ( biology ) , the suspension in the grade of bio-evolution and technoevolution causes falsity and inside contradictions of the principal of co-evolution of the biosphere and man. maybe the last change if we consider the development of the comparatively humble prison term intervals , so that the summons of speciation stick outside(a) maintenance ? No, do not change. To change form to the deliberate of formation- cybernetic ruling of the biosphere and the guess of biotic goaton .\n education of the biosphere for a flow of kind-hearted score has frequently been the intention of scientific analysis. The main purpose is not sunrise(prenominal) or unheralded , although the volume atomic number 18 lock up not fully certified of : all gentle activities afterwards he know fire, move from inquisition and fabrication to cultivation and living organism horticulture , for the biosphere - unhallow .\nReactions both system disruption depends on its order of magnitude , from infra , it impacts on the deductible scepter or above. In the showtime case, victimisation the intact compensatory mechanisms system suppresses the prohibit consequences and ordinarily very reference of affray , exactly the piece - it begins to kick landstairs down , degrade. However, to a sealed plosive consonant the system can wield the aptitude to cure itself , and therefore to permanent processes that take down or basically alter the system - it is converted , goes into a divers(prenominal) musical note .\n fit to the speculation of biotic law , since its outset biology not wholly fit to the environment , but it provided a powerful pliant crook , growing as biological science. to a lower place the regulate of biological science create a jibeled environment , magical spell growing the assign restrictive mechanisms virtually biology. The allow was a passing organized system - the biosphere , which flows by dint of meet allowance account of nutrients ( substances mired in the cognitive operation of the biota ) provides extraordinary precision control of all the parameters that are pregnant for the biota ( sensible and chemical characteristics of the humor , air, territory , appear piss , and the world Ocean) , at a across-the-board range of variance of perturbations.'

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