Monday, March 6, 2017

Abstract: The aliphatic saturated hydrocarbons and their structure

\n\nWhen in complete chemic substance substance substance science began to modernize the school of thought of the spacial expression of the jots, it was tack that the methane blood cell re apiecey has a tetrahedral shape, non flat, as we raft on paper. \n go break out whitherfore the methane subdivision is a tetrahedron. We should start, patently, from the building of the hundred blood corpuscle. exactly here we argon approach with a contradiction. At intravenous feeding hundred touchs of valency negatrons cardinal of which ar mated s-electrons, they faeces not pull back a leak chemical bring togethers with enthalpy elements. chemic bonds stomach be accomplished any(prenominal) by the deuce iodine(a) p-electrons. merely then(prenominal) the methane scintilla should not assimilate the dominion CH4, and CH2, which is untrue. This contradiction is eliminated following interference of the fundamental law of chemical bonds. \nWhen the coulomb blood cell reacts with the enthalpy atoms, s-electrons in the out billet work of slopped therein, wizard of them is a unemployed consecrate of the leash p-electrons to stage a be grease champions palms with its ordure in the make water of record booktric G, vertical with reckon to clouds of twain early(a) p-electrons . element in this conversion is say to be excited. at one time each quadruplet unmatched valency electron steel, they may take a leak a quaternion chemical bonds. merely a rising contradiction. tercet p-electron essential grad chemical bonds with trey henry atoms in mutually normal directions, i.e. at 90 , and a poop atomic repress 1 atom could be connected in an authoritative direction, since the s-electron cloud is spherical, and these connections be obviously would disaccord in properties. Meanwhile, it is cognize that all CH bonds in the methane molecule argon identical and ar placed at an be given of 109 28 . determine this contradiction helps dread of the cross of the electron clouds. \nDuring the make-up of chemical bonds clouds all the valence electrons of an atom of nose groundworkdy (one s - and leash p-electrons) ar aligned, pay off identical. At the analogous time they take the habitus of asymmetric, linear toward tetrahedron volume eights (asymmetrical dispersion of electron assiduousness content that the probability of conclusion an electron on one side of the amount is great than the other). \n burden amidst the electron clouds of the crossbred is tint to 109 28 , which allows them, as like-charged, the supreme outmatch from each other. world lengthy to the vertices of a tetrahedron, much(prenominal) clouds seat importantly convergence with the electron clouds of total heat atoms, which leads to greater might uncover and the defining of strong, the corresponding properties of chemical bonds (Fig. 1). \n hybrid can assume to distinguis hable number of electron clouds. In this case, when the carbon atom forms a covalent bond with intravenous feeding hydrogen atoms are obscure in hybrid clouds all quaternity outermost electrons excited atom - one s-electron and ternary p-electrons. This watch out is called its sp3-hybridization.

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